Are you feeling over-taxed, and don't know what to do?  We have helped clients save hundreds to thousands by correcting their tax assessment.  Give us a call, maybe we can help.
Call us for a free consultation.  We have helped over 75% of those who have questions concerning the accuracy of their most recent assessment.  Indiana is one of the last states to switch to "Market Value" assessments and currently there are many inaccuracies in their approach.
Although "Market Value Appraisals" are what appraisers have been doing for years; the assessors have been following Indiana State mandated manuals for valuation attempting to provide a balanced and fair approach to taxation.  This has not been fair or accurate in many instances as we have seen assessments increase from 25% to over 400%.
In those cases where the assessment appears to be relatively accurate, we have helped our clients understand why the assessment appears to be incorrect.  Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes...but not one penny more!  If you are frustrated and stressed, let us help!
Remember, there is a 12 month window from which the assessor will use sales for the current assessment.  This window runs from January 1st, 2022 through December 31st, 2022. 
You only have until June 15th, 2022 to appeal your new assessment.  This is for 2022 taxes, payable 2023.
If you need further information on the appeals process or the tax appeal form 130, click here